Sexual Harassment

sexual harassment photo.jpg

Sexual harassment is unwelcome or offensive behaviour that is repeated or is a one-off incident that is significant enough to have a harmful effect on you.

Sexual harassment is unlawful if it happens at work.

You should make a note of incidents, including the times, dates and names of any witnesses.

Margaret is able to provide practical advice about your immediate predicament - who at work should you complain to? Do you have to stay at work once you've made your complaint? What if the harasser denies everything? What outcome should you ask for? 

Margaret will advise you of your options; for example, to meet HR confidentially, to seek mediation, to complain to WorkSafe or the Police. You will also want to know what the process is like and how long it is likely to be, the potential cost, and how you can preserve your privacy and your dignity.

If you believe you are being sexually harassed at work, call Workplace Law on (027) 270 1057.