Workplace Law is a specialist employment law practice owned and operated by Margaret Robins. The firm focuses on smart, straightforward solutions to employment problems for employers and employees alike.

The spacious and sunny office in Epsom is easily accessible from either the city or the suburbs, with plenty of parking and a lovely outdoor space.

Margaret Robins LLB(Hons)

Margaret has practised employment law in Auckland for more than 30 years. After being admitted to the bar in the 80s, she was a criminal prosecutor for several years before joining Haigh Lyon, a law firm with a strong reputation in employment law. Margaret became a partner at Haigh Lyon in 1992 and managed a team of solicitors specializing in commercial, criminal, and employment matters. In 1996, Margaret went to the bar and practised as an employment law barrister at Princes Chambers.

Over the next decade, Margaret saw a major shift in employment law in New Zealand away from courtroom battles and towards negotiated outcomes. Recognising this as a key shift in the practice of employment law, Margaret left Princes Chambers in 2000 to start Workplace Law. With a well-earned reputation as a tough but fair negotiator, Margaret is also a formidable advocate where litigation is inevitable.

In addition to her legal practice, Margaret is a long-standing Convenor of the Auckland District Law Society Employment Law Committee. She speaks regularly at employment law conferences and contributes to Law Society publications. Throughout her career, she has acted for hundreds of employees, and for a wide range of employers including Greenpeace NZ, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, Anchor Wire and Living Foods.

Recent publications

Margaret Robins “Employment law’s hottest topics under the lens” LawNews (New Zealand, 8 December 2017) at 1

Recent cases

Jones v Solway Trust [2016] NZERA Auckland 204

Davidson v Great Barrier Airlines Limited [2017] NZEmpC 46 (5 May 2017)

Margaret Robins

Margaret Robins