Need a good mediator?

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 Are you an employer who has received a personal grievance?

Do you have a group of workers who are hostile to each other?

You could call in a mediator from MBIE but there are often delays in getting a mediation date and sometimes you are allocated a mediator who turns out to be a passive observer rather than an active and game-changing leader.

A good mediator will gain the confidence of the parties, test the strength of their arguments, provide a 'reality check', strive to suggest workable compromises and, ultimately, guide the parties efficiently and calmly to an enduring resolution.

Margaret has conducted numerous mediations over the past 30 years. She has a reputation for sound judgement and for hitting the necessary balance between empathy and efficiency.

If you think you need a mediator, phone Margaret. She will discuss the issue and the urgency, and will give you an estimate of the cost (usually between $1,500 and $3,500).

Phone Margaret, Workplace Law (027) 270 1057