Disciplinary Processes


Workplace Law has a long history of acting for both employers and employees in disciplinary matters. No matter your situation, we provide sensitive, efficient, and clear advice covering all available options.

For Employers: Margaret helps employers conduct fair and efficient disciplinary processes for poor performance, misconduct or serious misconduct. 

Workplace Law handles all practical elements of the disciplinary process. Margaret can write the letter commencing the disciplinary process, write the meeting script, attend the disciplinary meeting, set out the options available to the employer and write the letter conveying the outcome.

For Employees: When acting for an employee, Margaret ensures they are treated fairly throughout the disciplinary process, and that their case is presented in the most persuasive and compelling way.

Margaret will ask the employer the difficult questions, test their allegations, and identify strategies to avoid or reduce disciplinary action.

If you need advice on disciplinary proceedings as an employer or an employee, contact Workplace Law on 027 270 1057.