Need a good Investigator?


Are you an employer who has received a complaint that your manager is bullying or sexually harassing an employee?

Or do you have workers who don't get on with each other and you want to find out who is causing the problem?

If so,  you should consider engaging an independent investigator to sort out the issue in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Margaret has conducted numerous investigations over the past decade. Some are brief and relatively informal. Others involve numerous witnesses, bundles of documents and complex legal issues.

If you have a matter you need investigated, Margaret will first have a discussion with you to get a preliminary understanding of the issue. She will  estimate the cost and discuss that with you.

Margaret builds an easy and natural rapport with witnesses and puts them at ease. Margaret will conduct the investigation efficiently and discreetly, causing as little disruption to the business as possible. 

The investigation report will be written in plain English. The report will clearly set out the findings, the reasons behind the findings, and the evidence supporting the findings.

A clear, concise and objective Investigation Report – delivered on time and on budget – allows the business to get on with business. If the investigation process and the Investigation Report are sound, the complainants and ‘defendants’ are more likely to accept the investigator’s conclusions and are less likely to pursue personal grievances or other litigation.  If you need a good investigator, contact Margaret at Workplace Law on 027 270 1057.