It is important for me to build rapport with my clients so they feel comfortable talking about their situation, knowing that I am genuinely interested in their problem.

Clients tell me they appreciate knowing that, throughout their case, they will only deal with me. Clients appreciate how available I am when they phone me, how quickly I respond to their emails and messages and how I never leave them in the dark. 

Below are some testimonials that I have received from my clients over the years. Names are initialed to preserve client confidentiality.



"...I admire your knowledge of the legal system and the way you knew what the employer will do before they do it. ... In total I have approached six legal practitioners with varying views on my case and varying costs (some of them offering "no win no fee"). Although they were cheaper, I have felt that you were the only one that has provided me with what I needed. That was honest advice, support and confidence that it will be OK. That is well worth the investment! I hope I never have to call you again, but if I do, I would feel a lot more comfortable having you in my corner."
AK 15 April 2014: email

"Meeting with you yesterday was absolutely worthwhile and affirming. You identified and helped give clarity to some of the issues which then enabled me to make an informed decision. Your suggested email was very useful. Thank you for your expert advice. I'm just glad I asked around and they gave me your name." S H 26 February 2014: email

"Dear Marg, I can't tell you how much your kindness and extraordinarily capable nature helped me at a time that was just awful for me. You were just marvelous and I can't thank you enough." LA January 2014: thank you card

"Hi Marg, Everything you have done for us is so appreciated. We really cannot imagine not having you involved. You have always been our light at the end of the tunnel, and believed in us - you can't put a price tag on that. Thank you again, A & S M 7 November 2013: email

"Dear Marg, You are a gorgeous, smart, compassionate woman with the patience of a saint! I have enjoyed working with you and know that you've done everything to get the best outcome for us. Warm regards." S&TG April 2013: thank you card

"Dear Margaret, Thankyou for all your help and support. Without you the ending would have been very messy. Great to have you and your sense of humour on my side, Best wishes, regards". VR January 2013: thank you card

"Thank you for your tremendous support and significant work getting this result. I am pleased this chapter is over for me. I will make sure I recommend you to any of my friends who may find themselves needing legal support in the future (hopefully none of them will!). Thank you for your professionalism and sound advice." KB 30 May 2012: email

“This message of thanks has been a long time coming but the appreciation is still strong!  As always, you continue to be recommended – for your professionalism, intelligence and humour for people when things look bad.” DF : 6 May 2012: thank you card

"Many thanks for all of your help and advice and your magnificent turnaround service. It is very much appreciated!" DW 4 April 2012: email
Thanks Margaret, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent representation and sage counsel. You have, as you promised, added value to the process. ... " AL 3 April 2012: email

"We rarely need Margaret's advice these days. She talked us through the first few employment disasters and since then we've managed to keep ourselves out of trouble. Good to have her on the end of the phone though. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her." SJ Limited: 14 March 2012

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Having been an employment lawyer in Auckland for more than 25 years, I have probably been involved in every kind of workplace problem imaginable. I'm very conscious of the stress and upset that workplace issues cause to employers and employees alike.

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