Workplace Law's Services

I offer the full range of services that employers and employees expect from an experienced employment lawyer.

Workplace Law's Approach

My approach is simple. I want to make a valuable contribution to the solution of your employment law problem. It is vitally important to me that when the job’s done, you’re delighted you got me involved. I won’t delegate your case to anyone – I will do all the work on your case. You will get personal service from me from start to finish. 

I talk in plain English. You won’t have any trouble understanding me. I’m not a fence-sitter. If you ask me, I’ll tell you what I would do if I was you. If you don’t have a great case, I’ll tell you why and I’ll plan a strategy to make the most of the case you have.

A primary aim of the Employment Relations Act 2000 is to encourage employers and employees to mediate and negotiate, and so avoid court proceedings. I consider that I have strong negotiating skills but sometimes all the negotiation in the world won’t fix a dispute. If you do end up in court, you will find I am a staunch and well-prepared advocate.


I will discuss four things with you at the outset:

1. your options

2. your prospects of success

3. the best process to follow

4. the cost (and how to minimise it - I am acutely aware of the economics of every case that comes to me)

In relation to cost, my fees are lower than most employment law barristers, partners in law firms, and lower than lawyers based in the high-rent central business district. You can reduce your costs further by conducting some of the negotiation or preparation yourself and just having me in the background to assist and advise.