For the last 25 years I have acted as advocate for both employers and employees.

At the beginning:

At the beginning, you will be seeking sound advice about your options. Because I regularly represent both sides (employers and employees) I am uniquely placed to give you a balanced assessment of your case. 

Advocacy in the early stages of an employment issue usually involves vigorous representation, negotiation and mediation.

It is critical that the facts of your case and the legal arguments supporting your view, are vigorously and concisely presented.

In negotiations you can instruct me to conduct all the negotiations on your behalf or you may only want me to provide strategic back-up or letter-writing support for you to conduct the negotiations.

At mediation you need an advocate who can and will present a compelling case on your behalf. Throughout mediation I will strive to deliver to you the best possible settlement proposals from the other side. I will not shy away from giving you my opinion as to whether a proposal is realistic or not.

If negotiation and mediation don’t resolve your employment issue, it is possible your case will be heard in the Employment Relations Authority and/or in the Employment Court.  It is important to remember that about 80% of cases settle at mediation and only about 10% of cases make it to the Authority or Court.

A qualified lawyer is the best equipped and appropriately qualified advocate to represent you from the very initial stages right through to a formal court hearing if that's what it takes.

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